Classes Are Filling Up


The Fringe’s tatting weekend September 25 & 26, 2015 is creating quite a buzz.   Some of the classes are already full … so we’ve updated the 2015 Registration Info and Form to let you know what great classes are still available.

See the Tat Days page  for further details about the event as well as descriptions & pictures of the class projects.

Hope you can join us.


Registration is Now Open

Ten Good Reasons Why You Should Come
to the Fringe Element Tatting Weekend
September 25 – 26, 2015 in Cambridge, Ontario
                                    * * *
# 10
It’s our tenth year – and we have lots of surprises in store.
# 9
We’ve got 11 incredible teachers from around the globe
     Vicki Clarke   (Canada)
     Judith Connors   (Australia)
     Jane Eborall   (UK)
     Brenda Franklin   (Canada)
     Heather Lickley   (UK)
     Ietje Jackovich   (Canada)
     Kaye Judt   (USA)
     Norm Reid   (Canada)
     Georgia Seitz   (USA)
     Nathalie Vacaresse   (Canada)
     Jennifer Williams   (UK)
# 8
Shopping!  Shopping!  Shopping!
We’re lining up Vendors to take care of your tatting needs.
TWO days of Raffles (people donate such good stuff).
Live Auction – always entertaining, but what a hoot this year with Georgia, Vicki & Ginny!
Our goody bags are oh-so-good.
– after all, this is the year for “Tools of the Trade”
We’ve commissioned a special shuttle for our 10th.
Pre-order on your Registration Form.
To be paid for and picked up at the event.
A year of tatting … that’s what you’ll get
in the Fringe Element Tatters Calendar
– on sale exclusively that weekend.
So far we know of tatters who plan to come from 5 countries.
     Canada, USA, UK, Australia and Denmark
Why not join the list!
You might have a chance to meet some of your tatting exchange partners IN PERSON.
and #1
It won’t be the same without YOU!
                    * * *
Click here for your copy of the Fringe
NB:  Info has been updated to show classes that are already full !!
                    * * *
Photos of class projects will be posted on our Tat Days Page as they become available.


Our 10th Tatting Weekend !


This year marks the Fringe Element Tatters 10th tatting weekend – and have we got a special event lined up or what !!!

Our theme for this event – and for exchanges throughout the year – is “Tools of the Trade”.

Further details will be posted on our Tat Days page as they become available.

So mark your calendar and plan to join us & our international cast of teachers in Cambridge Ontario on September 25 & 26, 2015.

Hope to see you there.

The Fringe


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